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"Ugly Thing"

Love is an ugly thing, baby
I'd like to say to you, maybe
Our lips and greedy finger tips
Will never meet again

You saved me like a dolphin
In a middle of a stormy ocean
In a painful life I used you
Like a morphine
Now I'm moving on, moving on

I said...

Love is an ugly thing, baby
It's such an ugly thing
Used to think I was crazy, oh
It's such an ugly thing

I've always thought of this, baby
I'd like to say to you, maybe
Love isn't only thing,
Love isn't only thing for you

Love's not the only thing I'm looking for
I've used you up and I'm moving on
I am moving on, I'm moving on
Without you


Love is an ugly thing, baby
Love is an ugly thing
It's such an ugly thing, baby
Oh, It's such an ugly thing!


Love is an ugly thing, baby
It's such an ugly thing, listen
Why should I feel any other way?
I said...
Love is an ugly thing!

ABOUT "UGLY THING": I thought she was in love, she needed me. She was lost and I made her feel found, time went on and she realized I wasn't the one. Yes she loved me, but maybe only for some selfish reasons. She moved on, grew out of the relationship, I didn't even see it coming. It was a cruel monologue but at least she was honest.

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"Ugly Thing" Credits:

Lyrics by Angelina Moysov

Music by Angelina Moysov and Tom Ayres

Published by Dizzy Kiss Music
© 2010 Dizzy Kiss Music. All rights reserved.

Recorded at Decibelle Recording Studio, SF, CA.
Engineered by JJ Wiesler
Asst. Engineer Drew Zajicek
Produced/mixed by Ayres, Moysov and Wiesler
Mastered by Eric Valentine

Cover photo by Peter Hinson

Video Produced by Mareesa Stertz
Directed/edited by Mareesa Stertz
Director of photography: Joseph Seif
Special effects/compositing and edit: Gooby Herms
Stylist: Angel Philllips


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