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"New In Berlin"


My train is leaving
I'm over you
So over you

I'm new in London
New In Berlin
I only wish I was 17 years old again

New In Moscow
New in Pareeee
Oh, take me to your hands,
Mon ami

I walked through London
Walked through Berlin
And entered the world
Of a new machine
The world of New Order
Clean and free
With no disturbing negativity

Is staring me in the face
The orderly nation
Looking all, looking all, looking all
The same

(witches singing and dancing)

We're losing
Our freedom with ease
Hold on to your roots
Don't ask
Don't please
Listen to your Land
What is it whispering?
No revolution is possible in this...
(hear witches in the background)


This song has a lot more than meets the ear the very first time you take a listen.

New Order, gentrification, mystical numbers, relationships, the world living in pretense as though nothing is happening to it. Cities changing their faces, your land losing it's strength, the world entering the phase which can never be changed again, and even witches are singing to the noise we humans create.

This song wasn't created in our typical fashion where I write the music and lyrics and then Tom arranges it with his creative bass and guitar parts.
He actually created the whole track thinking it's going to become an instrumental. The lyrics came about because I had just returned from my first trip to Western Europe. Once again, with my Russian mind and never-ending observation towards the world, I noticed things that seemed so painfully obvious.

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"New In Berlin" Credits:

Lyrics by Angelina Moysov

Music by Angelina Moysov and Tom Ayres

Published by Dizzy Kiss Music
© 2011 Dizzy Kiss Music. All rights reserved.

Recorded at Decibelle Recording Studio, SF, CA.
Engineered by JJ Wiesler
Asst. Engineer Drew Zajicek
Produced/mixed by Ayres, Moysov and Wiesler
Mastered by Eric Valentine

Cover photo by Sarah Morrison
Cover Design by Jon Krop


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