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"East / West"

The wind is blowing to the East
I'm going to the West
I'll travel far

From what I can remember seeing on TV
The land where everyone's so beautiful and free
I'm leaving you, my dear loves and friends
And all the joy I've had you share among yourselves
I won't be back,
I'm going to the West

Where tall and slender buildings
Crash into the clouds
Where men and women
Have been living loud
Their smiles and skills been making them so proud
By saying love - they really saying nothing
The dogs and cars have names and it's allowed, oooh
To worship them as gods,
That's where I'm going
I'm going, my friends!


Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

The wind is blowing to the East
I'm standing in the West
I travelled far
I don't remember what they showed on TV
But it's nothing like they said it's gonna be
I'm looking for the people that are free, oooh
Instead I find the souls just like broken glass
That's how I'm gonna be
That's how I'm gonna be

And when you see my eyes
And when you touch my hands
It's when you hear my voice
And when you see my eyes
It's when you touch my hands
And when you hear my voice
That's when you touch my hands
Then you'll know I'm here!


He tried the East, he tasted the West, and now like a wild animal he hides in the caves of Earth, protecting his knowledge of the human race, for if it gets out he knows it will do no good. He hates and loves humanity, as any wise man before him. He knows there’s no hope, but as any human strong or weak he’s still hoping for the best.

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"East / West" Credits:

Lyrics by Angelina Moysov

Music by Angelina Moysov and Tom Ayres

Published by Dizzy Kiss Music
© 2011 Dizzy Kiss Music. All rights reserved.

Recorded at Decibelle Recording Studio, SF, CA.
Engineered by JJ Wiesler
Asst. Engineer Drew Zajicek
Produced/mixed by Ayres, Moysov and Wiesler
Mastered by Eric Valentine

Cover photo by Piper Ferguson
Cover Design by Jon Krop


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