updated 09.14.02

Dear fans, friends, cousins, nephews and nieces,

After that fabulously amazing show that you all attended at Make Out Room I've been bombarded with the e-mails an telephone calls about the status of Persephone's Bees.

This is the answer, and whoever guessed it is going to win the prize: Persephone's Bees Is Not Breaking Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A change in the band's line-up was confused as a break up of the band. We are still on and going strong!

Thanks for your love and continuous support, and very soon we'll be playing in location near you.


Winners of the SF Weekly WAMMIE for Best Bay Area Pop Band 2001
Thank you to everyone who voted !!!

"Persephones Bees are guaranteed to jam on possibly the catchiest
song to be played at this year's
Noise Pop fest, 'Walk to the Moon'."
- San Francisco Bay Guardian Feb 28, 2001

wammie 2001

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