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New Single “Waiting” is Available Now

Ladies and Gentlemen,

coverWe made you wait for the next single, but enough of that waiting!! The new single is here and you can now get it in many places, one of which is iTunes.

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This song was written, recorded and produced by us: Tom Ayres and Angelina Moysov, with the help of our friend / engineer JJ Weisler at Decibelle Recording Studio, SF. We put lots of love into it – every part of every song is special to us – but this song especially ’cause it brought me back to ‘life’, to speak metaphorically.

During the dealing with the business of the music world I started to get highly discouraged. I was realizing that success in music had nothing to do with the actual music and that the people that run music business were not music lovers. I started thinking that in order to put your songs out there in front of large audiences you have to be an incredibly self obsessed ego maniac and you must constantly make buzz about yourself – and that again went against my beliefs. I was too naive when I stepped into the world of music business. I thought the magic of music should speaks for itself, but it wasn’t the case. Anyway, to make a long story short, I wanted to quit.

I was ready to walk away from the whole thing and live a quiet life somewhere in the country. One morning, I decided to listen to some songs I’d written while in Persephone’s Bees. Some were finished demos, some were just ideas. I wanted to see if I could just talk Tom into recording them all, releasing them and calling it quits. I listened for hours and ‘Waiting’ came on. I won’t describe in details of what I thought or felt – I just wanna tell you – this song gave me strength and brought me back!

We changed a lot from the original demo: lyrics, music parts, and I especially now love the meditational part in this song when suddenly you imagine yourself sitting in the field, legs crossed, arms up in the air… the world is quiet and all you hear is the music. The outro of the song is my dedication to John Lord from Deep Purple, one of my favorite keyboard players since I was a kid. That said, I think the outro has it’s own life, and I dig it!. Pay special attention to Tom’s instrumental work throughout the song on drums, bass and guitar.


You can find the lyrics to sing along here:

Angelina/Persephone’s Bees

P.S. And thanks for buying our EPs, shirts etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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