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Happy Valentine’s Day & New single & Video for “East West”

Ladies and gentlemen,

persephonesbees_eastwest2Happy Valentine’s Day! In Russia the celebration is on March 8th and it’s called Women’s Day, and it’s beautiful cause all men, different ages walking around all over cities carrying huge bouquets of flowers and chocolate candies, they’re all very sweet that day, too, well at least one day of the year they have to be, right?! Haha, no, it’s a sweet celebration, it’s not only for lovers but goes to women all ages, from little girls to old grammas, my brother used to bring flowers to me and my mom and gramma at the same time, he was the only man in the household, the rest were all chicks. Divorced aunts, divorced cousins, my poor brother was alone among all those women, but I think he loved it, he got lots of attention.

Anyway, It’s been very very cold here in NY, and suddenly yesterday was spring weather and today is even warmer, but of course, Persephone’s Bees do everything the hard way, otherwise why do it at all, right? So we shot the video for our third single release ‘East West’ off the new record ‘New In Berlin’ on the roof of our apartment building during the coldest weather ever, what was it -8, -12? Felt like -20. Don’t get fooled by the sun, yes it was there, but wasn’t doing much. Anyway, yes third single, here it is. Hope you’ll enjoy it! As you know, we made a decision to release a new record as singles, and it’s been very fun and creative for us: we get to create a page for every song separately with its’ own video, lyrics, a story for the song, and photos. I hope you’ve been checking those pages out cause we put lots of love and creation into each one. However, around 5th or 6th single release we’re going to have vinyl with all songs plus more, so you have a choice to have that or wait for each song to be released separately.

Click here for more information or to purchase “East West”

Thanks. Angelina/Persephone’s Bees

P.S. For those of you that live in NY, please check out a Valentine show tonight at Pete’s Candy Shop, great band, in which our own Tomas Ayres will play guitar, lots of great singers will sing original and cover love songs, I’m gonna sing songs by Fleetwood Mac, Paris Sisters and Dusty Springfield. See you there!

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