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Back in the USSR

1240017_10153263077910035_2069474000_nNo, I haven’t returned to the States yet! It started with me visiting home, then my father dying, then me just wanting to stay and see ALL family and friends, kind of realizing that we humans never have much time for very close people, we always find something more important to do. So, I decided to change that. Some new songs are now written in Russian, and below a photo of a house concert for friends at my mom’s place. I shall return and soon!:)

Spring is for the Birds & Bees

Dear friends,

Thanks for keeping P’s Bees alive. When I named the band Persephone’s Bees, I didn’t think about the mythology character, I didn’t think how it would effect my life, music, my moods and this band. I just liked the line out of the poem in Russian by one of my favorite poets Osip Mandel’shtam: “‘Take from my palms some sun to bring you joy and take a little honey, so the bees of cold Persephone commanded us.” That’s it. But now the Spring has come again, one more time, and I feel that she’s back. She tortures me in winters ’cause she goes deep into the underworld and suffers, and in her suffering she reaches everyone connected to her. I’m glad every time she’s released and back home and the Spring rejoices at her presence – everything becomes better for us humans.

But back to this world, and a little reality. That  99 cents that you spend on each of our singles helps us keep going, no joke! It’s sweet to receive a check from CD Baby showing us that people are purchasing singles – that means they like the songs. But what is ‘like’? It’s not the word I’m looking for. That might mean that the songs actually touch their souls, maybe tell them something, maybe make their life a bit better. Be warned, this album is full of surprises. Wait till you get to the second half of the record – it might not all make you feel that good since there are some hidden sad notes in there. Typical for P’s Bees, we know how to trick you. (By the way, the vinyl version in the works, stay tuned!)

Shocking Bees

For those that have seen us cover Shocking Blue songs, we have a sweet moment: we’re doing a Shocking Blue set for Copy Cats on April 13th at Otto’s Shrunken Head. Need audience participation here, should I wear a long hair wig? Who wants to come and video tape the show?

Persephone’s Bees @ Vkontakte

A fan of ours in Russia has started a Persephone’s Bees group on Vkontakte, the Russian version of Facebook. Our Russian speaking fans can join here.

It’s All About Sex, Sex, Sex!

Spring is the time for flowers, pollenation, the birds and the bees … and of course … Sex! Don’t forget to listen to our new single ‘Sex’ and fantasize to it (dirty fantasies are allowed, even regarding me, I’d actually like that!) and spread the song!!!

Send it to your friends – you’re our radio, our ears, our TV – we have a selfish artistic need to play music but we can’t do it without you. We think we’re doing it for ourselves, but in the end we’re actually doing it for you. Make a video to this song, we want you to!

Speaking of videos, we’ve recently discovered that the good and kind Sony Records turned out to be blocking our videos. They’ve blocked Nice Day and City Of Love all over the world. I think when those videos started gaining popularity (without Sony/Columbia Records) it freaked them out. Haha! But hey, you can’t stop the people! Some people made videos to Muzika Dlya Fil’ma and those videos are gaining audiences all over the world on their own, with no label promotions, internet mafia promotions, no biz stuff of any sort. How is that for DIY, huh? I love when things like that happen!

Anyway, enjoy Spring, buy and wear our shirts, they’re good looking and the colors match the season.

Talk soon,


P.S. New shows in California in May will be announced soon.

Final New York Show with Diamondsnake!

Hi, it’s me again. Writing a lot lately? Well, it’s because we’re in NY and we’re playing some really cool shows and it’s exciting and I want to share EVERYTHING!!!

The night at the Santo’s Party House was incredible, pure joy. All the bands were excellent, and that inspires us a lot.
Don’t know if I told you this story but a long time ago when we just started I was putting shows together in SF, I’d book the night myself and usually would pick really great bands to play with us. And one day a musician of a then popular band said to me ‘Why do you always book good bands around your performance?’ I said ‘What do you mean?’, he answered ‘Well, you are supposed to put sucky bands around you so when you come out you sound even better!’. I didn’t know much about how show biz worked, had no idea what the rules are, but I thought of that idea as being a horrific one, and I gotta tell you, I’ve been on stage for many years and my experience tells me to always always always play with excellent bands. Why? Cause it makes you play a lot better, it inspires you. Bad art drags you down, drains you, and by the time you go on stage it’s really no fun anymore!

But anyway, the night at Santo’s Party House was organized by DJ Neil, our San Francisco friend and a brother, and yes, not only he put together a ‘fantastic’ (his favorite word) bill, but played some great music. Thanks Neil and thanks to everyone who was there with us.

But tomorrow night (June 17th), yes yes yes! Persephone’s Bees with Diamondsnake (Moby’s new heavy metal band that he formed together with our dear friend Phil Costello who was kind enough to sit in with us on bass through NY shows until Ethan arrived from SF) at Highline Ballroom. We’re on at 9 pm, be there early!

Oh, another great news: my friend Sasha gave P’s Bees CD to one of his friends who is a sitter for this 108 year old Russian lady by the name of Marya Mihailovna. Don’t think that being 108 makes her dumb or deaf, this woman still reads!!!! Yes, the magnifying glass is gigantic, but she reads every day, talks, listens to music. Anyway, her sitter puts on Persephone’s Bees, Marya Mihaolovna listens, moves her feet, then exclaims ” This is better than Lady Gaga!”. Haha, true story.

Make sure you check out our new photos on Facebook, and see you tomorrow night!

Jun 17
Highline Ballroom
New York, New York, US

July 15
The Knockout
San Francisco, CA

Peace. Persephone’s Bees



New York

New York has lots of noises, it’s not known to be a quiet city and if you like quiet this is not your place. Some noises are recognizable, others are hard to understand, but you get used to them quickly and suddenly what was a big noise yesterday is now a background whisper. But once in a while they still shock you, just like a moment ago there was some preaching outside, I looked out but didn’t see anyone.

The preaching came from somewhere far and started to get closer until it escalated in volume as though it was right in front of me. It was amplified by a microphone, a man was speaking, I couldn’t understand what language it was in, but it made me think of World War II and depending on the change of the tone of his voice, of Inquisition.

Somehow it made me feel very alert and alive, maybe my human subconscious connection and remembrance of history was preparing me to start running somewhere to hide. This man and his voice are gone now, but this moment will stick with me forever. Welcome to New York, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been here many times but only during this stay I’m starting to feel this city. I might even fall in love, and if IT and I will fall in love, oh, it’s going to be very romantic!