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New York Tour, New Shirts & more!

Dear fans,

Thanks to all of your love and support P’s Bees music has spread all over the world: a friend in Moscow turned the radio on the other day and City Of Love was playing. Another friend was flying on AirChina from Hong Kong to Bejing and Nice Day was a featured song in a hit section, same just happened with Paris, when a friend of mine said she thought of me and suddenly P’s Bees song came on the radio. I was shopping at the Crossroads and White Stripes were finishing up on a satellite radio and I thought ‘P’s Bees are next’, and a very familiar beat came on, I couldn’t believe my intuition, and wanted to scream from joy!

People write from all over the world, we just shipped a vinyl to a boy from Mexico who said he loves the music but can’t effort our vinyl, he was thrilled.

We’re off to New York, where we’ll be living and playing for the next two month, while getting ready for the release of the new record. Come and say hello to us, we’ll be playing lots of new songs, and be selling an EP, a taste from the upcoming record, we’ve got some killer new shirts that Jon, our loyal friend and a webmaster designed for us. There’s one design that I made by hand, Jon and I scanned it in and made a shirt out of it, turned out really amazing! So, lots of cool stuff is happening.


“I Love Rock ‘n Roll” (in Russian):persephonesbees-iloverussianroll-final

January shows and newzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dear friends, lovers, sons of gods, daughters of the devils, people of the Middle Earth, gremlins, dwarves, witches, elves, fairies, pixies, goblins and other fabulous creatures, enchanted beings and magical monsters!

PERSEPHONE’S BEES ended 2009 in that classic P’s Bees way: on fire, in front of great music loving audiences, and that’s all we care for, really.

And when we get this way, we tend not to notice the time, the days, the hours, the minutes that ticking by and flow into months and years, and next thing we knew 2010 was knocking on the door. There was nothing we could do - we let it in.

And now!!! For those of you that were born to love music we have a lot to offer, and you know that! We might not have been as “connected” online as the modern world demands of an artist to be, but we never cheated you in any way. What you see is what you get: we compose and arrange our songs as a great chef would do to ingredients at a fancy restaurant. We put our ear next to the song when it’s born and we become the careful listeners at that moment, and we hear it whisper and tell us which direction it wants to go, what character it was born with, what it wants to be on the recording, and how it wants to shine while being played live.

And yes, it is live, everything we do on stage is live: no prerecorded tracks, no fake vocals, no cheating of any sort, and music at times right there on stage, right in front of you takes us places we’ve never thought of going to. Those are the best moments of being a musician, those are the moments we musicians live for, it is the biggest pay off we can take with us after the gig when we go home.

That being said, Happy New Year to you all, and we’d be delighted to see you at these shows in January:

Jan 8 2010 9:00P @ The Uptown Oakland, CA - NO COVER / 21+

Jan 17 2010 7:00P @ FRANK MOORE’S SHAMAN’S DEN Berkeley, CA
Interview and live songs: watch online live @

Jan 21 2010 8:00P @ The Roxy Theatre Hollywood, CA
tickets @

Jan 23 2010 7:00P @ First Annual NEXTies Awards @ Former Wrigley Building Santa Cruz, CA
tickets @

Jan 24 2010 8:00P @ Cafe Du Nord San Francisco, CA
tickets @