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New York Tour, New Shirts & more!

Dear fans,

Thanks to all of your love and support P’s Bees music has spread all over the world: a friend in Moscow turned the radio on the other day and City Of Love was playing. Another friend was flying on AirChina from Hong Kong to Bejing and Nice Day was a featured song in a hit section, same just happened with Paris, when a friend of mine said she thought of me and suddenly P’s Bees song came on the radio. I was shopping at the Crossroads and White Stripes were finishing up on a satellite radio and I thought ‘P’s Bees are next’, and a very familiar beat came on, I couldn’t believe my intuition, and wanted to scream from joy!

People write from all over the world, we just shipped a vinyl to a boy from Mexico who said he loves the music but can’t effort our vinyl, he was thrilled.

We’re off to New York, where we’ll be living and playing for the next two month, while getting ready for the release of the new record. Come and say hello to us, we’ll be playing lots of new songs, and be selling an EP, a taste from the upcoming record, we’ve got some killer new shirts that Jon, our loyal friend and a webmaster designed for us. There’s one design that I made by hand, Jon and I scanned it in and made a shirt out of it, turned out really amazing! So, lots of cool stuff is happening.


“I Love Rock ‘n Roll” (in Russian):persephonesbees-iloverussianroll-final


This month has been incredibly interesting, not only have we played great shows, but in general.

First of all, it’s been all about Tchaikovsky. Suddenly, all I’ve been listening to and all I’ve been playing on my mid 70-s great Yamaha piano are his pieces. As a musician and as a human being I can’t help but notice that every year my appreciation for greatness changes, it becomes deeper and more intense.

Suddenly, I hear notes I’ve heard before but maybe neglected, and read words that I’ve certainly read before but they take a whole new meaning. I find that the beauty of life is actually quite simple: it’s art, creation, and the depth of a human soul. Once we dive into that, everything else suddenly becomes not that big of a deal and not that important.

Secondly, Tom was hired to help Yoko Ono/The Plastic Ono Band. They rented some guitars from us and he had to drive Sean Lennon/Cornelius around, and unfortunately for yours truly I got sick and missed the whole excitement, but he didn’t  and had a great time.

In addition, last night he went to see Richard Thompson. As you know we’re quite obsessed with Fairport Convention and covered their songs over the years - I missed that again because the nasty cold has kept me at home.

Lots of things are happening here in SF. I hope you’re all in great spirits and contemplating the soon coming beauty - Spring. We’re charging on and for our Sacramento fans we’re playing a show this Saturday at The Blue Lamp - come on by!


“If I Could Sing Like Linda McCartney” - Free Ears (Persephone’s Bees)

This is an early incarnation of Persephone’s Bees called “Free Ears” with Rodger Rodgers on the bass. The video is obviously done on a budget - no edits. The song, “If I Could Sing Like Linda McCartney” is a love song to LInda, written at the time when tapes were circulating, dubbed from the Wings live show monitor mixes, creating much hoop la about Linda’s singing, or apparent lack there of. We’ve always thought she sounded great on the records…!

With love to Linda, from PBees