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Sept Shows & News

Hey hey hey!

The smell of Autumn here in NYC makes one intoxicated. I think that’s the only change I like about seasons, oh and winter going into spring, too. The rest kinda sucks:)

But off the weather topic. We get these Google emails, they send us everything that is related to Persephone’s Bees and yesterday we got this link, and it’s pretty cute, I gotta say! My nephew didn’t like it but only cause he’s a little boy that doesn’t understand yet when someone somewhere far at the place you’ve never even been to is covering your songs it’s pretty damn awesome! Well, here it is:

Shows this and next week: Friday, Sept. 23rd at Lone Wolf, Ps Bees go on at 10 pm, and Tuesday, Sept. 27th at Pete’s Candy Shop (709 Lorimer Street Brooklyn, NY), also 10 pm!

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