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Back in the USSR

1240017_10153263077910035_2069474000_nNo, I haven’t returned to the States yet! It started with me visiting home, then my father dying, then me just wanting to stay and see ALL family and friends, kind of realizing that we humans never have much time for very close people, we always find something more important to do. So, I decided to change that. Some new songs are now written in Russian, and below a photo of a house concert for friends at my mom’s place. I shall return and soon!:)

Happy Valentine’s Day : New Single “We’ve Just Begun” & CA shows!


This letter is going to be short because I’m packing and going to be late for my plane to California where we’re going to be performing some crazy songs…FOR YOU!

But yes, oh yes, Happy Valentine’s Day and as a present our single ‘We’ve Just Begun’ came out today. My friend Jon who usually organizes everything for us online starting with our lovely website, claims that this song is a perfect Valentine’s Day present and I say ‘but wait, how do you wrap it up?’ and the answer is – you don’t! You just quietly place it under her/his pillow!

It’s available now at iTunes and Amazon.

Well, cool … back to packing!

And please fly to our shows in California from where you are, life is too short not to and the plane tickets are too cheap not to, especially when you use those awesome miles which are running out on me like crazy:)

Anyway, here’s the list of the shows. See you guys and gals soon!

Feb.18th – Monterey, CA, The Turf Club

Feb.20th – San Francisco, Cafe Du Nord

Feb. 22nd – Los Angeles, Silverlake Lounge

Feb.24th – Sacramento, the Townhouse Lounge

Look for more shows and details on our site and Facebook.

Angelina/Ps bees


Season’s Greetings to all!

Here’s our melodic offerings to you during the most joyous time of the year. Please download them, enjoy them, share them! They are but a tiny expression of our thanks for your continued support. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson, was recorded at Talking House Studios, SF. All instruments Tom & Angelina

Masters Of War by Bob Dylan, recorded in Brooklyn, NY, 2011. All instruments Tom & Angelina

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Frank Loesser , recorded at Media Blitz by Silver/MacMillan, Brooklyn NY, 2011. Drums – Robin MacMillan, Bass – Jacob Silver, Trumpet – Tom Ayres

Santa Baby by Joan Javits and Philip Springer, recorded Oakland, CA, 2009. Bass – Angelina. Drums, Guitar & Trumpet – Tom

Click here to download the EP for free!

“Home” video, Halloween Show & more

Ladies and gentlemen,

Yesterday the first snow fell here in NYC and I made a wish! I wished for Persephone’s Bees to play live everywhere, where you, the fans are! So we can meet you, talk to you and share the experience of playing music with you.

Recently we were going through some files and found a video that we made a while back for the song ‘Home’, the last song on ‘Notes From The Underworld’, the record that we received so much love about from all of you. As you know, this song was featured on Sopranos in the episode where Vito gets killed, episode 76.

Well, here’s the video for it. Enjoy! And send it to all your friends!

Also, tomorrow night on Halloween we’re going to play two shows. Persephone’s Bees are going to follow a set of Traveling Wilburys. That’s right, you heard it right, Traveling Wilburys! Cause that’s what we’re going to play first. I’m going as Roy Orbison, Tom is of course Bob Dylan. The other members of this homage to an amazing band are Jacob Silver as Jeff Lynn, Ryan Scott as George Harrison, Christina Courtin as Tom Petty, and Robin MacMillan as Jim Keltner. Be there, at Pete’s Candy Shop (709 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211). We’re going to play all their major hits. Wilburys are on at 9 pm, P’s Bees at 11 pm. and if we’re going to play like the last show we just did then I might be too overwhelmed. The last show was DIVINE! I can’t even put it into words, I felt as though we were channeling something that is beyond our understanding.

With all of the news in our home town of Oakland, we dedicate “Independence Day” to our friends and fans there who are in the thick of it all. Click here to check it out.

The recorded version of this song will be officially released very soon on iTunes, but you can download it now from CDBaby.

Sept Shows & News

Hey hey hey!

The smell of Autumn here in NYC makes one intoxicated. I think that’s the only change I like about seasons, oh and winter going into spring, too. The rest kinda sucks:)

But off the weather topic. We get these Google emails, they send us everything that is related to Persephone’s Bees and yesterday we got this link, and it’s pretty cute, I gotta say! My nephew didn’t like it but only cause he’s a little boy that doesn’t understand yet when someone somewhere far at the place you’ve never even been to is covering your songs it’s pretty damn awesome! Well, here it is:

Shows this and next week: Friday, Sept. 23rd at Lone Wolf, Ps Bees go on at 10 pm, and Tuesday, Sept. 27th at Pete’s Candy Shop (709 Lorimer Street Brooklyn, NY), also 10 pm!

Spring is for the Birds & Bees

Dear friends,

Thanks for keeping P’s Bees alive. When I named the band Persephone’s Bees, I didn’t think about the mythology character, I didn’t think how it would effect my life, music, my moods and this band. I just liked the line out of the poem in Russian by one of my favorite poets Osip Mandel’shtam: “‘Take from my palms some sun to bring you joy and take a little honey, so the bees of cold Persephone commanded us.” That’s it. But now the Spring has come again, one more time, and I feel that she’s back. She tortures me in winters ’cause she goes deep into the underworld and suffers, and in her suffering she reaches everyone connected to her. I’m glad every time she’s released and back home and the Spring rejoices at her presence – everything becomes better for us humans.

But back to this world, and a little reality. That  99 cents that you spend on each of our singles helps us keep going, no joke! It’s sweet to receive a check from CD Baby showing us that people are purchasing singles – that means they like the songs. But what is ‘like’? It’s not the word I’m looking for. That might mean that the songs actually touch their souls, maybe tell them something, maybe make their life a bit better. Be warned, this album is full of surprises. Wait till you get to the second half of the record – it might not all make you feel that good since there are some hidden sad notes in there. Typical for P’s Bees, we know how to trick you. (By the way, the vinyl version in the works, stay tuned!)

Shocking Bees

For those that have seen us cover Shocking Blue songs, we have a sweet moment: we’re doing a Shocking Blue set for Copy Cats on April 13th at Otto’s Shrunken Head. Need audience participation here, should I wear a long hair wig? Who wants to come and video tape the show?

Persephone’s Bees @ Vkontakte

A fan of ours in Russia has started a Persephone’s Bees group on Vkontakte, the Russian version of Facebook. Our Russian speaking fans can join here.

It’s All About Sex, Sex, Sex!

Spring is the time for flowers, pollenation, the birds and the bees … and of course … Sex! Don’t forget to listen to our new single ‘Sex’ and fantasize to it (dirty fantasies are allowed, even regarding me, I’d actually like that!) and spread the song!!!

Send it to your friends – you’re our radio, our ears, our TV – we have a selfish artistic need to play music but we can’t do it without you. We think we’re doing it for ourselves, but in the end we’re actually doing it for you. Make a video to this song, we want you to!

Speaking of videos, we’ve recently discovered that the good and kind Sony Records turned out to be blocking our videos. They’ve blocked Nice Day and City Of Love all over the world. I think when those videos started gaining popularity (without Sony/Columbia Records) it freaked them out. Haha! But hey, you can’t stop the people! Some people made videos to Muzika Dlya Fil’ma and those videos are gaining audiences all over the world on their own, with no label promotions, internet mafia promotions, no biz stuff of any sort. How is that for DIY, huh? I love when things like that happen!

Anyway, enjoy Spring, buy and wear our shirts, they’re good looking and the colors match the season.

Talk soon,


P.S. New shows in California in May will be announced soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day & New single & Video for “East West”

Ladies and gentlemen,

persephonesbees_eastwest2Happy Valentine’s Day! In Russia the celebration is on March 8th and it’s called Women’s Day, and it’s beautiful cause all men, different ages walking around all over cities carrying huge bouquets of flowers and chocolate candies, they’re all very sweet that day, too, well at least one day of the year they have to be, right?! Haha, no, it’s a sweet celebration, it’s not only for lovers but goes to women all ages, from little girls to old grammas, my brother used to bring flowers to me and my mom and gramma at the same time, he was the only man in the household, the rest were all chicks. Divorced aunts, divorced cousins, my poor brother was alone among all those women, but I think he loved it, he got lots of attention.

Anyway, It’s been very very cold here in NY, and suddenly yesterday was spring weather and today is even warmer, but of course, Persephone’s Bees do everything the hard way, otherwise why do it at all, right? So we shot the video for our third single release ‘East West’ off the new record ‘New In Berlin’ on the roof of our apartment building during the coldest weather ever, what was it -8, -12? Felt like -20. Don’t get fooled by the sun, yes it was there, but wasn’t doing much. Anyway, yes third single, here it is. Hope you’ll enjoy it! As you know, we made a decision to release a new record as singles, and it’s been very fun and creative for us: we get to create a page for every song separately with its’ own video, lyrics, a story for the song, and photos. I hope you’ve been checking those pages out cause we put lots of love and creation into each one. However, around 5th or 6th single release we’re going to have vinyl with all songs plus more, so you have a choice to have that or wait for each song to be released separately.

Click here for more information or to purchase “East West”

Thanks. Angelina/Persephone’s Bees

P.S. For those of you that live in NY, please check out a Valentine show tonight at Pete’s Candy Shop, great band, in which our own Tomas Ayres will play guitar, lots of great singers will sing original and cover love songs, I’m gonna sing songs by Fleetwood Mac, Paris Sisters and Dusty Springfield. See you there!

“First We Take Manhattan!” New video and FREE Download online now!

persephonesbees_manhattancover Kids, so here it is. This was recorded in some hotel a few days ago in the middle of nowhere while we’re touring through America. Inspired by a political early morning coffee conversation and suddenly strongly identifying with Leonard Cohen’s poetry. While mixing the song and listening to it a bunch the idea for the video came to my head, a simple video utilizing everything we had right there and then: hotel room, beds, flash light, door way, making a Persephone’s Bees flag out of a piece of paper and drum sticks. This was very spontaneous, unexpected (the song and the video) but done with love and care and the desire to fight the evil even more now than ever! Enjoy and spread the love! Angelina

Click here to watch the video and download the song for free.

Persephone’s Bees – US Tour with Tornado Rider kicks off next week! New web site launched.

Thanks San Francisco for the most incredible and sold out show at Cafe Du Nord! You’re all in our hearts, was so lovely to see all of your faces, thanks to all the friends and fans for showing up and giving us such a warm support and goodbye before we hit the road. We feel sad now, but we’ll be back to play many many times. I already miss everything and everyone here …

We’re getting ready to pile into the van and tour the US with Tornado Rider, here’s a list of all the shows so far. Some additional dates are pending but we’ll let you know once they are confirmed.



Sep 10 Quixotes Denver, CO

Sep 11 Louis Bar Omaha, NE

Sep 12 The Doubledoor Chicago, IL

Sep 13 Mac’s Bar East Lansing, MI

Sep 15 The Vernor’s Room @ The Crofoot Pontiac, MI

Sep 16 Courthouse Pub Goshen, IN

Sep 17 The Thunderbird Cafe Pittsburg, PA

Sep 19 Piano’s New York City, NY

Sep 20 THE SPACE Hamden, CT

Sep 21 Hangar 84 Vineland, NJ

Sep 23 V Club Huntington, WV


We’ve relaunched our website and MySpace pages as we prepare for the release of new songs, videos, and much more!


Farewell San Francisco Show August 20th

Dearestest friends,

For a couple of years now you’ve been asking us when we’re coming back to the East Coast. Well, we’re coming back soon and for a long time. For those of you that are on this shore, come to our last show here in San Francisco on August 20th at Cafe Du Nord to celebrate the end of our Bay Area chapter and the beginning of a New York one. Cafe Du Nord is a very special place for us: when we moved to San Francisco and nobody knew anything about us, Tom and I recorded our first demo, we sent it on cassette tapes all over the city, 2 clubs responded the next day, Martin the owner of Make Out Room said ‘Come and play any time, any day, do whatever you want!’, and Cafe Du Nord responded by giving us our first residency, we played every Tues. night for two months straight, thus building Bay Area following and spreading our music all over the place. I’d say our music path started at this place. So, we decided to have our farewell show in SF at Du Nord.
Will be showing a new video that night, celebrating my Bday, listening to DJ Omar, and our friends The Soft White Sixties and Angel Island will be sharing the stage with us.

Love to you all. Angelina

Soon: more news of the record release and the tour dates.